Technical Transfer / Partners

Technical Transfer

· Will be proceed in future


  • CEO
    Chaul-Min Pai

    Development Director Ho-Joon Choi

    Experience in Global anti-cancer drug release
    Expert in Research / Development / Licensing of anti-cancer
    • Don-haeng Lee

      Clinical Trial Design

    • han-Chang Kang

      Mechanism of Anti-cancer Therapy

    • Sang-Cheol Ji

      Research in Drug Formulation

    • Biotoxtech, ChemOn


    • Knotus, NCEED, Chaon

      In-Vivo Efficacy

    • L2 Science, Pharm&A, Interchem

      PK, Analysis, Synthesis

    • KCRN

      Licensing, Cinical

    • (주)BMI Korea

      Pilot production, CMC